California to Hawaii

California to Hawaii

Solo Kayak - Unsupported Crossing - Human Powered - California to Hawaii - June 2020 - #CA2HI

Meet the paddler

Cyril Derreumaux is an ultra Endurance Athlete, specialized in water sports: river canoes, outrigger canoes, surfskis & rowing.

Cyril is the owner of a performance paddling gear online retail store: On The Water 360, as well as a furniture import company Avenue International Sourcing.

Three years ago, in June 2016, he and his teammates got first place in the Great Pacific Race, a 2,400 nautical miles Ocean Rowing race from Monterey, California to Oahu, Hawaii.

In this race, Cyril was the skipper of the boat “Team Uniting Nations”, a four-man team of four different nationalities: Thiago Silva from Brazil, Carlo Facchino from the US, and Fiann Paul from Iceland.

photo credit Rod Mayer

No support nor assistance was received during the full successful crossing leading to the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing in 39 days, 9 hours, 56 minutes.

The crossing was featured in Outside Online and Huffington Post.

Cyril’s new challenge: Crossing Solo and Unsupported in a one-man Kayak

Early June 2020, Cyril now plans to kayak across the 2,400 nautical miles of Pacific Ocean, from California to Hawaii, in a solo and unsupported expedition.

Only one man has made it to Hawaii in a Kayak: Ed Gillet

Ed Gillet is the only person who successfully kayaked the distance from Monterey, CA to Maui, HI. His solo paddle to Hawaii took place in 1987. He used an off-the-shelf 20-foot tandem sea kayak that carried more than 600 pounds of essentials. His progress was slower than planned – he envisioned 40 days, ran out of food on day 60 and landed on day 64. (Check out the book of Dave Shively).

Ed Gillet’s California-to-Hawaii journey was the first of the modern kayak mega-crossing

Cyril is having a custom boat built in England by Rob Feloy, an undisputed specialist in ocean kayak vessels. Here below are some of the first drafts of the technical drawings. Electrical installations will be effectuated by Malcolm Morgan, another undisputed guru in boat electronics.

As a reference, here are some of the existing designs for ocean crossing in Kayaks: