French-born, now also American citizen, world traveler, serial entrepreneur and avid adventurer, Cyril Derreumaux has lived in France, Spain, England, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and the US. Cyril speaks 5 languages fluently.

Cyril and his two sons after the ocean crossing, Simon (left) and Oliver (Right)

He has been living in California for the past 11 years. Windsurfer while growing up, he was no stranger to the ocean. California offered him outrigger canoeing, surfski and rowing. Playing in the Bay Area and having fun lead him to follow his heart over and over.

Photo Credit Harry Kern, YRQ2018
Cyril Derreumaux, Dave Loustalot, Loic Behin, Red Pedrick

His biggest adventure to date was in the summer of 2016, when he successfully rowed across the Mid-Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii, as part of a 4-man crew, in an expedition of just under 40 days, earning him and his teammates a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing on that distance.

photo credit Rod Mayer: Team Uniting Nation – Thiago Silva, Fiann Paul, Carlo Facchino – GPR2016

Adventure seeker since childhood, Cyril backpacked around the world for a full year at the age of 25. 

Cyril and Nicolas Fauchille in Indonesia during their 2002 trip around the world
Molokai Hoe 2014
Koa Canoe from Uncle Bobby Puakea

Past expeditions

As an ultra-endurance athlete, Cyril has a long list of expeditions under his belt:

  • Racing in Outrigger Canoe in the Catalina crossing (32 miles, 3 times)
  • Racing the Cal100 (a 100-mile canoe race on the Sacramento River)
  • Racing the Yukon River Quest 3 times (a 444-mile canoe race in Canada), in 2012 in a 6-man canoe, in 2018 in a 4-man canoe and in 2019 in a 2-man canoe.
  • Racing the Moloka’i Hoe (a 43-mile race between Molokai to Oahu, 4 times, 2010/11/14/15)
  • Rowing the Pacific from California to Hawaii in a 4-men crew, 2,400 miles, in 2016.